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Waterproofing Services

Our waterproofing services are tailored to address all the common ways through which ground water enters the basement or crawlspaces. We address the issue of water table rising and water getting in through the cracks in the walls. Our services include external and internal waterproofing, foundation structural repair, crawlspace encapsulation, sealing cracks, sump pump, new homes waterproofing and basement lowering/underpinning.

External waterproofing

Our team understands the big difference between damp proofing and waterproofing. Damp proofing is done during construction and relies on the use of moisture-resistant materials that are made up of hot liquid asphalt and rubber coating with insulating panel. This is applied internally and it’s not waterproof. On the other hand waterproofing is done to prevent seepage which is caused by the hydrostatic pressure. This is done externally to keep water from penetrating through the foundation.

At the end of the day, external waterproofing will help reduce moisture in the basement, give a structurally sound foundation, boost the value of your home, prevent cracks and give you the much deserved peace of mind.

Internal waterproofing

Interior waterproofing works best where the area cannot be accessed from the outside; the water problem is not a result of foundation leaks but a hydrostatic pressure issue and the internal system is more cost effective for the unfinished living space. Our effective basement waterproofing solution will help prevent mold problems which are the root cause of a myriad of respiratory health issues such as allergic reactions. Prevention is the best option when dealing with mold and waterproofing your basement is the best prevention method you can use.

Foundation structural repair

Fixing structural foundation problems can be both costly and problematic. Fixing some of the foundation cracks requires an engineer’s specifications. All basement wall cracks are bad but the horizontal cracks are worse since they occur with the soil. When it comes to foundation structural repair, we will help you get the engineer’s report, follow the specifications when handling the repairs, install a waterproofing system and also backfill and tamp the soil if external waterproofing is done. 

Crawlspace encapsulation

The crawl space is the area with limited height that is situated in the basement. It helps promote air circulation. Crawl space encapsulation involves the installation of air tight vapor barrier systems and dehumidifiers. This helps reduce moisture levels as well as reduce the risk of termites, mildew, mold, odor, dust mites, allergies and a range of other air quality problems in the house.

Sump pump

This is the pump for discharging water that has collected in the water-collecting sump basin. It helps keep the basement dry. Our team will help with the installation and maintenance of this mechanic device.

Basement lowering/underpinning

Basement lowering/underpinning involves digging out the basement floor several feet downwards. This makes the basement more accessible and adds structural strength. Doing this will further boost the value of your home.

New homes

At Basement Waterproofing and Draining Solution, we don’t only focus on existing structures; we also offer our services in new homes. Our team has the tools and the know-how to help waterproof your new home. We do this because waterproofing during construction can save you thousands of dollars.

All the work completed carries a lifetime warranty.
Your signed contract is your warranty certificate. 
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