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Underpinning Services

Back in the day, the basement was not built to be a living space as it is the case today. As a result, the basements in most old homes have low ceilings and exposed ductwork. Basement underpinning is hence done to create a comfortable living space for the family. Our team understands how complicated basement lowering can be. This is why we offer basement underpinning as a service.

Basement lowering involves the digging out of a basement floor a few feet below. BWD Solutions has the equipment that you will need for this. Our service will not only make it easy to access the basement but also enhance the integrity of the structure and boost the value of your home.


Our underpinning system will help create more living space. It is better than benching which although it will help you create extra living space will rob you of square footage. Underpinning will help you increase the overall height of the basement as well as the square footage. The best thing about this option is that it can help create adequate space that you can even rent out. You can also create a basement that is fully furnished to use as an extra room, an office or a screening room. The choice is yours.


Basement underpinning is not an easy feat. A lot of work and resources are needed. However, this is a necessary task and the first step you need to take is that of getting engineering drawings and permits. BWD Solutions will help with this step.

The process of basement underpinning starts with the removal of the concrete floor followed by excavation. The contractor has to dig out the sections according to the drawings provided by the engineer. This is mostly one in three stages. If you will need new posts, new footings will be required. Temporary jacks will have to be installed to support the beams. The next step is for a two inch space between the existing footing and concrete where the 2 inch dry pack grout is installed.

Interior Drainage System

Once the above steps are completed, the next stage is to install new plumbing. If the elevation for the new plumbing will not be met, a sewer injector will have to be installed. An interior drainage system will then have to be installed for waterproofing purposes. The floor is filled with at least 3 inches of ¾ gravel. The floor will then be finished using concrete and a trowel finish.

Basement underpinning is one of the best ways of giving your existing basement a makeover. Needless to say, this is a big project that you should not handle on your own. You should also note that basement lowering will further impact your structure. Whether the impact is positive or negative depends on how the job is done.

Don’t cut corners or take chances. Contact us today and we will help you do the work right. We have underpinning and liability insurance. We are also happy to provide you with customer references.
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